Dubai police add Tesla Cybertruck to its crime-fighting fleet

The Dubai Police General Command in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) showed off addition of an all-electric Tesla Cybertruck to its tourist police patrol fleet.

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hvac water

HVAC systems release water in the summer. Not the safest for your pet to drink, but okay if you top it up with mineral-containing water.

The summer months are upon us and in some towns and cities the air conditioners and HVACs are turned on night and day. If you are connected to a solar system (read DIY solar – pros and cons) , good for you because this means guilt-free cool air circulating through your home. But most of us still get energy the old fashioned way, from the grid.

But the water that comes from our air conditioner can be put to use. If you can stream it to a hose and bucket, here are some ways you can make good use of your air conditioner water. Note that air conditioner water is essentially without any minerals or salts so it is not safe to drink it long term. It will leach salts and minerals from your body or from your pet’s body. It’s essentially distilled or demineralised water and itself is not necessarily toxic.

But this water might pull out toxins from the indoor air and dust from the cooling system. Learn how to clean your HVAC system here to make it more efficient.

So if your air con is leaking water, first figure out if it’s normal or if its a problem with your unit. Call the air conditioner service person near you if it’s leaking in irregular areas and directly out of the machine. The best way to find the best person at local prices is to ask a WhatsApp or Telegram group or a friend, if you need someone you can trust.

Consider that some condensate on the edges of the air conditioner can be normal if the air is super humid. In this case wipe it down occasionally and put a towel on the floor to make sure it doesn’t damage your hardwood floor or carpet. If it’s leaking or dripping, make sure it is not near electrical outlets or plugs.

Air conditioner and HVAC water uses:

  1. To water plants.
  2. It can be stored in a bucket to wash your car.
  3. You can have an outdoor shower with the wate
  4. One reader asked on AC water uses if it can be used to iron clothes. Yes, great idea!
  5. Save in a bucket to wash your hair. Shiny hair here you come!
  6. Pipe it into your pool or kiddie pool, or make a pet pool in the backyard for your dogs and chickens. (Here is how to start a chicken coop). 

Until we all have windcatchers like the ones in Iran, we will need to fire up the air conditioners and try our best at using less energy and repurposing the water. All the big business tech that claim to “pull water from thin air” like Watergen is essentially massive gas guzzling air conditioners. If you think you can do better, try! A great idea for an impact company.


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