Hightech shisha pipe developed in the UAE – meet Ooka

In the world of pods and convenience, a company has developed a new kind of shisha, one that uses pre-loaded fruit tobacco and no charcoal is needed. Each pod delivers one session that can last up to 70 minutes depending on the intensity of the session.

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Jaumur 15 minute city

Dock your yacht and send your kids to worldschooling

Neom expands its mega-development projects seemingly every week. Saudi Arabia is hoping to be the newest hightech destination of the Middle East, outpacing what Lebanon once was, and the country believes it can do this through over-the-top residential housing and tourism destinations. The Line is Neom’s first 15-minute city and a list of Neom’s projects would make your head spin, the latest to be built with oil money.  It is called Jaumer. And Saudi after all has to compete with the United Arab Emirates, emerging as the most progressive leading fossil fuel nation. (The UAE just announced building the world’s largest airport).

Jaumer, a brand-new marina destination is coming to Neom, the $500 billion USD ‘city of the future’ – and it will be about the super-yachting lifestyle, the one most of us don’t have.

Jaumer, 15 minute city Neom

The exclusive residential community is been planned around a marina set to become home to over 6,000 residents on the Gulf of Aqaba where Houthu pirates are firing at cargo ships and oil tankers.

Centred around a marina, Jaumer will feature a monumental 1-mile high aerofoil rising above the largest of the yacht berths, providing year-round protection yacht owners and residents. It will also have a gravity-defying cantilever (fixed or supported at only one end) to form a stunning entrance to marina, where the largest superyachts in the world can be put into park. The press material says there will be an international school onsite offering a progressive, broad based education, delivered by a diverse international faculty of experts and innovators.

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The promotional material says there will be ladies playing french horns and a marine exploration center in the resort town, but honestly with the coral reefs near extinct and dolphins driven out of the Gulf of Aqaba we wonder if it will be worth the bother. A case of being the problem you are trying to fix. It’s so bad the greenwashing coming out of Neom and the Middle East, that we have given up laughing and are now just crying.


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