How to build a 100-year-company

Kongō Gumi is a Japanese construction company, purportedly founded in 578 A.D., making it the world’s oldest documented company. What can we learn about building sustainable businesses from them?

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watermelon rind natural viagra

Is watermelon rind a natural Viagra?

Summer means it’s watermelon time! This juicy, fruity, vitamin-packed superfruit not only quenches thirst but also tastes great. It’s an easy snack to bring along in packed lunches or on a picnic. And if you find yourself with extra watermelon and don’t want to waste any, you can even make jam from the rind.

Readers of Green Prophet have suggested that watermelon rinds, particularly the white parts, may function as a natural Viagra. We turned to published literature to investigate. While it’s not marketed as a natural Viagra, some research indicates that it may act as a mild aphrodisiac, potentially helping men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Watermelon’s libido-boosting properties are attributed to an amino acid called citrulline, which is concentrated in the rind.


According to this 2023 study, watermelon may also play a role in treating male infertility and improving sexual function. This popular fruit, enjoyed worldwide for its nutritional and health-promoting qualities, has been linked to biological mechanisms that enhance aphrodisiac and fertility effects. The study suggests that watermelon can improve semen quality, reverse erectile dysfunction, enhance testicular redox status, and improve gonadotropin secretion.

recipe watermelon desserts

Watermelon ice is nice and sexy

“These effects are linked to its constituents, including vitamins and phytochemicals such as phenols and flavonoids, which contribute to its antioxidant properties,” the researchers reported in their summary. “Watermelon has also been noted for its antimicrobial, anti-helminthic, antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antihypertensive properties, which may support its therapeutic use.”

If you’re not already enjoying watermelon regularly, consider trying these recipes to increase your intake naturally.

Some recipes:


The post Is watermelon rind a natural Viagra? appeared first on Green Prophet.

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