Most Saudi residents are climate aware

In a new survey by the French energy company Veolia, they found that 86% of Saudi residents in 2024 believe that climate change is real, compared to 59% in 2022, indicating a growing acknowledgment of climate change within the population.

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wood fired floating sauna, Sweden

Stedsans in the woods, in Sweden. A little bit wild, no luxury eco retreat in the woods in Sweden.

During the hours of COVID boredom (and isolation fantasies) we stumbled across the Forest to Table eco retreat in Sweden, called Stedsans. We feel in love with their floating sauna, but also their lopsided off-grid cabins. And obviously we fantasized about being their eating foraged everything, running around with fragments of moss between our toes.

Stedsans is an off-the-grid forest resort in Southern Sweden (2 hours from Gothenburg/Malmö and less than 3 hours from Copenhagen) with a regenerative farm, a restaurant that goes deep into the flavors of seasonal ingredients, 16 simple wooden cabins, campsite, and a floating sauna on the lake.

The vision was started by a Swedish chef who moved her passion to the forest where people could book a cabin and a lovely communal meal created by findings from the forest and hyper local suppliers nearby. But every vision and creation, when done well, has a lifespan.

They are selling: “After 8 years in the forest it is time for us to hand over our beautiful project to someone else. Our decision to let go of this very special place has not been easy. We have poured our hearts into creating a little slice of paradise on Earth, and we hope and expect to find new owners who will take well care of it and all of the potential it offers.”

Stedsans is now a popular restaurant and forest resort with it’s own permaculture farm, but it may very well become something else, they suggest. “Maybe a retreat center, a conference space for a forward-thinking business – or a private home, maybe even a little village, with amazing development potential. Whatever dream you carry in your heart, we will be happy to show you around and give our feed-back to ensure we find a really good match for this place and business.”

Link to Stedsans for more, below.

Stedsans floating sauna



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