We Sourced 10 of Nike’s Best Walking Shoes, Plus Tips From a Podiatrist on How To Choose

Whether you’re going for long evening walks to clear your mind or 15-minute resets during your work day, walking has a ton of benefits. In fact, regular strolls can reduce the risk of strokes, improve mental health, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. To make it even more compelling, all you need to get started is a pair […]Whether you’re going for long evening walks to clear your mind or 15-minute resets during your work day, walking has a ton of benefits. In fact, regular strolls can reduce the risk of strokes, improve mental health, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. To make it even more compelling, all you need to get started is a pair of walking shoes—and Nike has no shortage of comfortable, supportive shoes for daily walks. We spoke with two podiatrists to learn what to look for in quality shoes, then rounded up some of the best Nike walking shoes for strutting and jogging, including running shoes and a few more casual options, too. Read on to find your new favorite pair of shoes to hit the road in comfortable, supportive style. The best Nike walking shoes, at a glance: Best overall: Nike, Motiva, $110 Most versatile: Nike, Pegasus 40, $130 Most comfortable everyday shoe: Nike, Air Max 90, $130 Most comfortable lifestyle shoe: Nike, Air Force 1 ’07, $115 Best for flat feet: Nike, Structure 25, $140 Best lightweight Nike walking shoe: Nike, Invincible 3, $180 Best cushioned Nike walking shoes: Nike, V2K Run, $110 Most affordable Nike walking shoe: Nike, Waffle Debut, $75 Best Nike walking shoe for trails: Nike, Wildhorse 8, $140 Best Nike walking shoe for arch support: Nike, InfinityRN 4, $160 Shop 10 of the best walking shoes from Nike Best overall: Nike, Motiva — $110.00 The Nike Motiva is the brand’s only designated walking shoe, and it is the result of hundreds of hours of interviews and focus groups in the Nike Research Lab to hone in on what people want when they are walking and jogging—or fluctuating between these two paces. Because people are more likely to strike the ground heel-first at a walking pace, the Motiva features a dramatic rocker shape that provides a smooth transition as you move through your stride. But cushioning is also important while walking, and this shoe has it in droves, not only at the heel but along the entire length of the foot. The outsole also has a fun, wavy design that not only looks cool but also compresses to give you a soft landing pad with each step.  Sizes available: 5-12 (in half sizes) Colors: 7 Pros:  Shape accommodates the common heel strike of walking Bouncy cushioning Wide toe box so your feet don’t feel restricted Cons:  Rocker design may take some getting used to Shop Now Most versatile, Nike Pegasus 40 — $130.00 If you want a shoe that you can wear for all of your walks and runs, the Pegasus 40 is one of the most versatile shoes that Nike offers. It’s simple and streamlined, without the extra bells and whistles of expensive road running shoes, but with enough of the essentials that you’ll reach for it again and again when you step out the door. What sets it apart is it is truly designed for every foot: It has a neutral design that gives support but is not too stiff and moderate cushioning that creates a cushy ride but doesn’t detract from its stability. The mesh upper wraps around your foot for a secure fit, and it comes in both regular and extra wide so you can choose the right one for your foot shape. Sizes available: 5-12 (half and wide sizes available) Colors: 14 Pros:  Comes in both regular and wide sizes Breathable mesh upper Midsole cushioning is comfortable yet stable Cons:  May run small Shop Now Most comfortable everyday shoe: Nike, Air Max 90 — $130.00 When I’m out all day logging 20k steps around the city, my go-to Nike’s are the Air Max 90s because of their comfy cushioning, arch support, and bold color options. Because they were originally designed for running, they have a lot of cushioning in the heel that tapers off towards the toe. That creates a high heel-to-toe drop which is great for anyone with calf or Achilles tendon tightness (like me) because your heel doesn’t have to travel as far when it hits the ground. The outsole is grippy, even after a fresh rain, and the ankle collar is padded and doesn’t create hotspots.  Sizes available: 5-12 (half sizes available) Colors: 12 Pros:  Max Air unit in the heel is good for all day comfort Plastic overlays add a bit of flair and 90’s style Rugged outsole provides traction Cons:  Not as breathable Relatively stiff Shop Now Most comfortable lifestyle shoe: Nike, Air Force 1 ’07 — $115.00 One of the most iconic Nike designs, Air Force 1s may not be your initial go-to as a walking shoe. But if you’re looking for a comfy sneaker that you can pair with nearly any outfit (and doesn’t look like you’re about to go for a run), these have a lot to offer. While the thick, cushioned midsole is a bit stiffer than other shoes on this list, it is super durable and the foam won’t pack down as you rack up the miles—while lighter weight shoes may lose some of their bounce more quickly. The upper is made of leather, so it takes some time to break in, but again, this just enhances the durability. And unlike many Nike shoes, they feature a wide toe box with plenty of breathing room; in fact, you might want to size down if you prefer a more snug fit. Sure, these shoes may be more about style than comfort, but there’s a reason they’ve stayed true to their ‘80s design and you see them on people of all ages every time you step outside.  Sizes available: 5-12 (unisex, half sizes available) Colors: 2, plus the option to design your own style Pros:  Nike Air cushioning is durable and doesn’t pack down quickly Customizable color options Classic design that stands the test of time Cons:  Leather makes the break-in period longer than other shoes Heavier and less breathable than other shoes on this list Shop Now Best for flat feet: Nike, Structure 25 — $140.00 If you have flat feet, you’ll want a stable shoe that has rigid panels along the edges to keep your foot from rolling as you step. The Structure 25 lives up to its name: It has midfoot support and a robust arch system that cradles the foot, preventing overpronation that is commonly associated with flat feet. Despite its focus on support, this shoe doesn’t compromise on comfort, either. It has a high foam stack seen in more neutral shoes to minimize impact, and a springy responsiveness so each step will feel just a bit easier.  Sizes available: 5-12 (half sizes available, in regular and extra wide) Colors: 7 Pros:  Midfoot support prevents overpronation Heel collar is nicely padded Fits true to size Cons:  Midsole is firmer than other shoes Mesh upper is relatively thick Shop Now Best lightweight: Nike, Invincible 3 — $180.00 The best walking shoes have a barely-there feel, like feathers on your feet, but they’re also durable enough that they don’t start disintegrating after a handful of walks. And Nike’s Invincible 3 finds the perfect balance: It weighs only 8 ounces for a women’s size 7, thanks to the thin upper and airy foam, which delivers an incredibly soft and responsive walk. But because the upper is made of knit material, rather than mesh, it won’t degrade as quickly and is more resistant to holes. Overall, the shoe’s minimalist design helps to ensure nothing weighs you down, making it ideal for those long, leisurely strolls around your neighborhood.     Sizes available: 5-12 (half sizes available, in regular and extra-wide) Colors: 11 (plus the option to design your own) Pros:  High stack of bouncy cushioning Lightweight Comes in regular and extra wide sizes Option to design your own color Cons:  Higher price tag Wider heel cup may not work for everyone Shop Now Best cushioned Nike walking shoes: Nike, V2K Run — $110.00 These shoes may look more like dad shoes than like the max cushion running shoes you may be used to seeing, but they have a hefty platform of cushioning in the heel, just where you need it when you’re walking for miles. I’ve worn them while around New York City for a day full of work and errands, and they’re exceedingly comfortable—no heel pain when I get home. But they’re also versatile enough to wear during cardio workouts or when you want to add a bit of vintage aesthetic to your outfit.  Sizes available: 5-12 (unisex, half sizes available) Colors: 7 Pros:  Wide stack of cushioning under the heel Mesh upper is light and breathable Fun metallic overlays and accents Cons:  Early aughts aesthetic is divisive No wide sizes Shop Now Most affordable Nike walking shoe: Nike, Waffle Debut — $75.00 Suitable for daily walks, the Waffle Debut combines simplicity, comfort, and affordability, so it’s a smart choice for the budget-conscious walkers among us. At only $75 (and often on sale), this shoe gives us a lot to love. The EVA midsole provides plenty of comfort on long walks, and the textured outsole ensures you stay firmly planted to the ground even when it gets slippery. Plus, you can’t beat the retro design that never goes out of style.  Sizes available: 5-12 (half sizes available) Colors: 6 Pros:  Under $100 Simple and stylish Durable outsole Cons:  Relatively narrow (and no wide option) Nylon and synthetic upper isn’t very breathable   Shop Now Best Nike walking shoe for trails: Nike, Wildhorse 8 — $140.00 If you’re taking your walks off the pavement and onto trails, the first thing you want to consider is your shoe’s outsole. If you look at the bottom of the Nike Wildhorse 8, you’ll see deep lugs (the rubber knobs on the sole) that are spaced well to shed any dirt that collects on your walk. Basically, these rugged shoes are engineered for the unpredictability of off-road terrain. With superior grip and robust protection like a reinforced toe cap, they are built to tackle everything from boulder-strewn paths to muddy trails. But they won’t just keep you protected; they’re also super comfortable thanks to the substantial cushioning in the heel and midfoot.  Sizes available: 5-12 (half sizes available) Colors: 5 Pros:  Rugged outsole Durable construction Roomy toe box Cons:  May be overkill for well-maintained trails Less color options No wide sizes Shop Now Best Nike walking shoe for arch support: Nike, InfinityRN 4 — $160.00 The Nike InfinityRN 4 shines in the realm of arch support. These shoes are designed with a focus on maintaining proper foot alignment by intentionally placed cushioning that eliminates that sketchy, off-balance feeling that often accompanies max cushion shoes. On the inside, a Flyknit fit band runs around the midfoot (Nike’s website describes it like a rubber band around the middle of your foot) which boosts support and makes you feel extra locked in.  Sizes available: 5-12 (in wide and extra wide, half sizes available) Colors: 11, plus the option to design your own Pros:  Intelligent design features keep you stable and supported Water-repellent liner for inclement weather Comfortable Flyknit upper (feels like a woven material) shapes to your foot Cons: Designed for running more than walking Shop Now Is Nike good for walking? From lifestyle to performance running to basketball, Nike shoes run the gamut. But, because of this range, only some are well-suited for walking, says Derek Roach, a foot health specialist and owner of retailer Flow Feet Orthopedic Shoes. Kathryn Miller, a podiatrist and the director of In Stride Clinic, adds that you’ll also want to consider the differences between walking and running shoes. Walking shoes are designed with the heel and arch in mind, Miller says, to accommodate the rolling action of walking. Running shoes, on the other hand, are “made for forward motion and impact absorption during running and have more cushioning in the forefoot,” she explains. If you’re using running shoes for walking, you should look for a pair with relatively standard features—known as “daily trainers”—compared to all the glitzy running shoes that are designed for performance and speed. What to look for Our experts say that, when shopping for any walking shoes you should pay attention to the shoe’s specific features to determine if they’ll be comfortable for long distances. These features include cushioning, support, and flexibility. The cushioning, which sits underfoot, is what will keep you comfortable for miles and miles. “Styles made with an EVA foam provide shock absorption as the heel impacts the ground and rolls forward to the toes while walking,” Roach explains. Support features like a supportive heel cup, adjustable laces, and a contoured insole for arch support are all important to look out for. The shoe’s flexibility—basically if it bends easily or is stiff—should also be a consideration, but is more of a personal preference. “The flexibility of the walking shoe can also help with comfort by allowing your foot to move naturally during wear,” Roach adds. He recommends choosing a style with a flexible outsole and upper materials, but for people who need more support, a stiffer, more structured shoe can be beneficial.

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