XCF to lead sustainable aviation fuels in the US from feedstock to wing  with plans to go public

XCF Global is based in New York and owns multiple facilities in North America. The company expects to rapidly scale by acquiring more strategically located, smaller-footprint sites and quickly converting them into SAF production facilities. 

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Mihir Dange, CEO of XCF Global

How many leading environmentalists like Canada’s David Suzuki have stopped flying to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions? He could just donate offsets and plant some trees. But aware consumers know that carbon offsets for flying a private jet or globe-trotting is controversial. The best way to travel sustainably is by reducing one’s carbon footprint from the source, which is why SAFs –– or sustainable aviation fuels made from biofuels –– have been so appealing in energy markets.

US-based XCF Global Capital, is poised to make significant strides in bolstering America’s SAFs industry with its latest move towards a going public through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). 

Global Aviation Biofuel SAF Industry Research Report in 2024 estimates the market to reach $51.23 billion USD by 2028. 

“At XCF, we see tremendous growth potential from SAF and renewables. We are very bullish on the sector,” said Mihir Dange, CEO of XCF Global. “We live in an exciting time with so many compelling green energy platforms racing to reduce the globe’s carbon footprint.”


XFC Global Capital

“We are in the very beginning stages of SAF in the United States and XCF is committed to being a leader in this space. Our goal is to change the world for the better while delivering world class returns. We welcome strategic relationships and discussions with all the carriers in this industry and look forward to further defining this landscape.”

Consider that US airlines such as Delta plan on replacing 10% of its jet fuel with SAFs by 2030, while United plans to purchase 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel over the next two years. European energy companies and Middle East oil and gas companies are already in the market: Emirates Airline and Neste, a Finnish oil refining company, ar

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